The South

Where tea is sweet and accents are sweeter; summer starts in April; front porches are wide and words are long; macaroni and cheese is a vegetable; pecan pie is a staple; Y’all is the only proper pronoun; chicken is fried and biscuits come with gravy; everything is darling and someone is always getting their heart blessed. -unknown

Monday, May 31, 2010

Reunion Weekend

I had such a great time this past weekend. My high-school class had it's 15 year high school reunion. It doesn't feel like it has been 15 years. The years since we have all been together weren't even a factor because we all just talked and reminisced and shared stories. We had such a great time that we want to plan a girl's spa weekend next summer. I don't know if I can wait until then. It was great to see everyone, and I only wished it could have lasted longer.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Out of the mouths

My two children. God Bless them.

Last night at supper we went to a Mexican restaurant to eat. Reese had to go to the potty so my dad took him. As he was coming back to the table, he was talking rather loudly and I told him to stop screaming. He said, (LOUDLY) “I was screaming like a little girl!” Where does he get that?

Yesterday afternoon in the car, Brooks was telling me how bad Reese had been that day. (I already knew most of what he had done.) Brooks said, “Reese, you have been bad for three days…….You are probably going to hell.”


They make me tired.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

I discovered last week that I like hummus.

Reese finished his last day at pre-school this past Wednesday. I was a little sad but he didn’t seem to care. He will be in K4 this coming fall. It makes me feel old.

Brooks is out of school for the summer. He knows exactly how many weeks until he has to go back. I hate to tell him that this summer will probably fly by.

My 15 year class reunion is Saturday. I am already trying to decide what to wear. Why do I put myself back in that mind-set. I should be able to tell my brain that I am a grown-up now, and not in high school. My friends are still my friends no matter what I wear. Maybe that will sink in.

If you haven’t read Laurie’s blog, go read her post about her match. I get filled with tears of joy each time I read it.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Treat for my Sweet

Reese LOVES pickles. I bought him a treat at the store to see what he would do with it. He loved it.

(and yes, he was sweaty from being outside......doesn't take much for him)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Savannah from Savannah

We had our second book club meeting Friday night. We read the book Savannah from Savannah. I really enjoyed the book and always find it so enlightening to hear what other insights and thoughts my fellow ladies share. Melissa is going to share more on her blog in the coming days so be sure and check out her wonderful details that make these gatherings so special. I did have to share in the bottom picture, Melissa had the author, Denise Hildreth, on speaker phone! It was such a wonderful treat! I can't wait to buy our next book!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The end of the season.

Well, last night was our last baseball game for the year. Brooks had a great time. So much so, that he cried last night because it was over, and he wouldn't get to see his new friends anymore.
He ended the season in sort of a slump, but his spirits were still high. He has already said he wants to play next year. This will mean a lot of practice between now and then.
I am so proud of how far he has come!Way to go Brooks!
*And I made it through a whole season without spending any money at the ball park. Way to go me!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just a Pic

I put this on Facebook, but wanted to post it here too...
Three more games!

Mother's Day

If you are expecting a post about how glorious Mother's Day was, then this isn't it.

I did start the day to some wonderful Mother's Day cards from the boys, Brent, and even our dog :) We had a wonderful morning at church. I could write a book on our Sunday school class alone, but I'll save that for another time. The entire family then went out to eat together and enjoyed the fellowship. Brooks went home with my parents and Brent went with his mom to visit his brother and family. So it was just me and Reese.

We went home, both took a nap, and then watched Enchanted together. (He loves that movie.)

Then the whining, "hyperness", and arguing started and continued until bed time. He didn't want "that" kind of juice for snack. He didn't want chocolate chip Teddy Grahams for snack, he wanted the graham cracker ones. A three year old doesn't understand the need to finish a box before opening a new one. He cried and cried when I dressed him for Sunday night church and then lost it when I tried to put sandals on him.
At church, we have a little singing type class for the little kids before church. I told him he could go to it but he needed to sit by his brother and not touch anyone else and sing. He walked up to where the class was, jumped around in front of his brother, pretend punched a couple of kids and never quite sat down. I walked up there and grabbed him by the elbow as I heard sounds of "Oh" as I passed by other adults. I took him out and disciplined him. Since it was my night in the nursery and his daddy was out of town with his mom, he was then given the choice to go sit by my mother and look at the things in his bag, or sit in a chair in the nursery and not play. He chose to sit and not play! So for one hour he sat every way he could think of in that chair.

Supper was another fiasco. I won't bore you even more with the details.

So, it reminds me that motherhood isn't always sunshine and roses. Sometimes it is thunderstorms and weeds. That is all part of it though. One day this argumentative, stubborn nature will serve him well.

I will tell you one thing though, days like Sunday make mornings where he needs just one more hug or one more kiss before I leave for work a lot sweeter.

I can live with that :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More Baseball

Just warning you with my title. If you are getting tired of reading about Brooks' baseball games, then just skip this one. I want to keep blogging about it though, so that I will remember the details of the game one day. I am using this almost like a diary.

Brooks' team was to play the UNDEFEATED green team on Saturday.


I think all of the coaches and moms had already resigned ourselves to the fact that the boys just needed to go out there and have a good time. I didn't really think they had a chance.

Before the game, the boys have their "bathroom break" If you can even call it that.

Hey, they are having fun. So then I look over and Reese has gotten in on it too, except he doesn't know how to be discrete about it. At one point his shirt was all the way up and his backside was visible to everyone.
I have to just laugh it off now.

This is pretty much how Reese feels about going to the games:
And so the game starts.....Brooks got a hit his first time up.The green team was ahead the entire game. Our boys were doing good though, they were keeping their heads in the game as well.....Or maybe not.
We stayed close enough to the other team through the game to not call it a blow out. We got lucky that the inning ended with 1 minute left, which means we had to start another inning. At that point we were losing 11-8.
Here is Brooks picking up his third base coach as he is heading toward second.His third base coach just happens to be his daddy =)
Brent has learned that he has to tell each boy as they come by "Touch 3rd, and then go home."Now for the exciting part. They were leading 14-8 going in to the last half of the inning. Our last two boys in the bottom of the order were up first. The first little boy has never had a hit in a game. Guess what, he hit the ball! The entire crowd was yelling "RUN!" He is only 4, and it took about as long as you can imagine for him to run to 1st. BUT HE MADE IT! I teared up! Then the next batter, who also has never hit the ball, got up and hit the ball! Again, "RUN!" Unfortunately he didn't make it to first, but it didn't matter to all of us. I again teared up. (He got the game ball =).
Long story short, we ended up battling back and winning the game. More importantly the boys had a good time. What a great game!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Finally the Furniture

We ordered new bedroom furniture February 17th. This weekend, MAY 1ST, we finally have it in our room. It is a long story and I won't bore you with the details. Let's just say we had a month off broken furniture sitting in half open boxes all over our house. I am so glad it is all over with.

There are a few details that I need to finish, before I can declare the room done, but I thought I would show y'all and if you have any advice, that would be great.

I don't think it needs anything above the headboard, but what is your opinion?

Saturday, May 1, 2010