The South

Where tea is sweet and accents are sweeter; summer starts in April; front porches are wide and words are long; macaroni and cheese is a vegetable; pecan pie is a staple; Y’all is the only proper pronoun; chicken is fried and biscuits come with gravy; everything is darling and someone is always getting their heart blessed. -unknown

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A favorite...

Along the lines of my previous post, I had to share my new favorite makeup brush. It is Sigma's F82 Round Kabuki brush. It is awesome! I love it for applying foundation. I would have been happy with the F80 brush as well, but I got a great deal on this on eBay.  Just had to share =) (and no, this isn't some blog to try and win something.....I really wanted to share the love I have for this brush)

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

My latest project....

I wanted a change as far as makeup and skincare goes.  I have been using the same types of things for years.  I am not getting any younger, and figured I needed to start taking better care of my skin so that 30 plus years from now, Lord willing, I won't wish I had done more in my youth.  So I am starting now.  With that comes even more change......
We have a master bathroom that is on the smaller side when you consider the house was built in 1998.  It is fine, but again, I just wanted a change.  So below was my project last weekend.

This was the space before.  Notice the junk pile to the left :/

This was the space when I was done.  YAY! A vanity for me!!

The bowl was purchased at Walmart to hold my brushes in.  I added decorative marbles to hold them up.

The lamp was also purchased at Walmart.  I swapped out the shade that I bought for this one that was on another lamp, because it helped give off more light.

The desk is simple, yet perfect for my needs.  I haven't found a chair yet.  That is this weekend's project.

Right now everything is in that drawer, but it is already overflowing.  Next on my list is an acrylic organizer.  Then, I think I will be done.  Then on to the next project.  Hmmm......

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