The South

Where tea is sweet and accents are sweeter; summer starts in April; front porches are wide and words are long; macaroni and cheese is a vegetable; pecan pie is a staple; Y’all is the only proper pronoun; chicken is fried and biscuits come with gravy; everything is darling and someone is always getting their heart blessed. -unknown

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving wrap up

Thanksgiving went well this year. Everyone came to our house and just shared food, stories, and love.

Then, a few days later, we apparently shared stomach virus too.

Out of our extended family, one went to the ER with it, one spent some time laying on a bathroom floor with it, and one was well enough to travel only yesterday.

What else....

We snapped through our invisible fence line while trying to tear down a beaver dam.

That is right I said beaver dam.

So I guess that sums it up for us.

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carrie said...

Wow, our Thanksgiving was very similar except we had it just before Thanksgiving and just after. So far, we did not share with extended family. It sounds like the virus we had. I really thought I was run over by a semi and then it reversed back over me. Hope you are all well now!