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Monday, March 22, 2010

The one about the broken furniture

We ordered some new bedroom furniture in February, and it was finally delivered this past Friday. I was so excited. When we first got married we used Brent's parents old furniture, and then a few years ago we got my parent's old furniture. We were blessed to be able to use them, but I was excited about finally having something new.
I waited for Brent to get home and we began to unpack the furniture. While we were moving the dresser into the bedroom, we noticed the left back side of the dresser was messed up. If you lifted up on the dresser, the left back leg would actually fall off. It was completely broken. I called the company and they said to take pictures of the damage and email it to them. I was so upset.
We then started unboxing the chest of drawers and it looked like it had been dropped at some point. It had a few cracks in the front, and the whole right side was not in line with the rest of it. At this point Brent called the company back, because I was about to lose it. They said to just check out all of the pieces and email pictures of any damage.
We continued checking out everything and it ended up that the footboard to the bed was damaged too. At this point there is packaging materials all over everywhere, half opened boxes of furniture, and no hope in sight.
I was so upset.
Did I mention we had already moved out the old furniture? So Saturday morning, we moved it all back in because we have to have somewhere to put our clothes.
So as of right now, I am waiting to hear back from the furniture company as to what we are going to do. I am hopeful that things will be made right and it won't end up costing us more money.
Now that I am 3 days past the initial shock, I realize that things like this are going to happen and
I have to just deal with it.
At least I keep telling myself that, while I look around our house filled with broken furniture and empty boxes.


tamara said...

How frustrating!!! It makes it so hard when you have waited for so long to indulge on something and get so excited to receive it only to be disappointed! Hopefully they will resolve the matter quickly for you - maybe they'll even cut you a bit of a deal for all the trouble!!

Erika said...

That really sucks! Especially since you had been waiting so long for the delivery. Added to that, you know the delivery men had to be aware it was damaged somewhere along the line. I definitely think they should give you a percentage off!

carrie said...

That is so frustrating especially when you have wiated so long. I hope things were resolved easily. I would hope they would give you a discount but I bet not.