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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Couponing Disaster Averted

This past Friday Julie met me at Publix in Montgomery for her first official shopping trip with coupons. It was fun going grocery shopping with a friend. She didn't actually need me there, she had it all figured out ahead of time.

Fast forward to Saturday. Brooks had a birthday party that I was getting ready to take him to. I don't know what made me think about the notebook that I keep all of my coupons in. I looked all over our house. I remembered Brooks and Reese had helped me bring in the groceries so I asked them if they had seen it. I couldn't find it! I searched in my car two times. No notebook! I was just shy of losing it. I mean I really was beginning to freak out.

To someone who isn't into couponing at this point would think I was CRAZY! I mean why would someone get all upset about some silly old coupons. I have been collecting coupons for well over a year now. The ones in my notebook went back to January. It would take about 6 months to get stocked back up if I lost that thing. Brent could tell I was getting really upset. He told me to call Publix, so I called them.

I hate calling people on the telephone. I mean really hate it. I guess you could consider it even a phobia. It doesn't bother me when I get phone calls, only when I have to call somebody. I looked up what the phobia would be called. "Telephonophobia" - Fear of telephones. That doesn't exactly describe my fears but it is close.

I gathered myself together, faced my fear, and called Publix.

Dude: "This is Publix, Can I help you."
Me: "Yes, this is going to sound like a silly question, but did y'all happen to find a notebook with coupons in it at your store?"
Dude: "Is it a big white three ring binder?"
Me: "With lots of colors on it?" (as my voice was getting higher and higher)
Dude: "Yes we have it."
Me: "Oh, THANK YOU!"

When I got off the phone, the physical relief that came over me was amazing! I felt like I had to qualify why I about lost my mind to Brent. He reassured me that if he had a hobby like that, he would have been disappointed for awhile too. I called my mom and she got my dad to go get it for me since I would see both of them later that night.

I was so happy to see that notebook.

Do you have any hobbies or passions that you are as nuts about as I am about couponing? Or am I all alone in this craziness?


Kristi said...

So seriously, I want to get started doing this. I have no idea where to begin. How do you start?

Rebecca said...

Oh Kristi. I could spend an hour talking to you about how much I love couponing.
Here is the simplist way to do it. Start saving all of the coupons out of the Sunday paper. Print coupons off the internet and also buy "All You" (a magazine from Walmart.) I shop at Publix. Here is a website with three tutorials to get you started.
Also, I visit and between the two of them they tell me what is on sale each week and what coupon insert had coupons in it to match up with the items on sale. I will email you some more helpful instructions.

Izzy said...

Email this to Kim, too :)

Erika said...

Wow. That's a lot of couponing! My mother in law would LOVE you! Isn't Publix great though! They actually kept the binder.

Erika said...

Also, I think you should write up your own tutorial! I've never been much on coupons, but it is fascinating. My MIL always gives me the buy 3 save .25 and it just doesn't seem worth it. I do love Publix's BOGO though.