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Monday, October 4, 2010

Warning, Long Braves Post Ahead

My husband has turned me into a Braves fan, and I am not ashamed to say that!
Brent and I went to the Braves game on Saturday. It was Bobby Cox Tribute Day at the stadium. I bought tickets to this game a long time ago, when I first heard they would be honoring the retiring coach.

Brent and I had really good seats. We were sitting there waiting for the festivities to begin and noticed this man. This is the famous usher Walter Banks. There have been countless news stories and articles written about him. I believe he started working with the Braves in 1965. He is now the VIP usher to the owner's box.

We then began see who's who of the Atlanta Braves organization:

Then, all of the sudden cheers began from the right field area. We looked and former Braves started streaming in.
Hello John Smoltz. Hello Dave Justice. Hello guys I don't know. Hello Dale Murphy. Hello Phil Niekro.

Hello Greg Maddox.So many former players were there!There is Hank Aaron in the blue coat.All of the current players were seated down the first base line. The managers and other staff were sitting down the third base line.They showed many different video highlights on the screen. There was a list of his former players scrolling on the screen as they showed various players.
Hey, there is Tim Hudson! War Eagle Tim!Chipper got up to say a few words on behalf of the team.They unveiled a painting, which everyone at the game received a copy of when they left.Bobby's comments were brief, but warmly received by everyone.It was such a nice tribute to him. But oh yeah, there was a game to be played. Chipper walked the score card out to the umpires.Hey Brian McCann! I can see you looking at me!

Bobby arguing with the umpire! Classic!We were sitting watching the game and wouldn't you know Brian Jordan walked by. Hello Brian!Brian McCann was obviously a crowd favorite.He even has his own cheering section called McCann's Cans.
I tried to take a picture of every video tribute they showed during the game. It was quite a different game without the usual between inning games, quizzes, etc.
Although the score wasn't how we had hoped it would be, we had a great time at the game and it was an excellent tribute to a great manager.As we were leaving, I took a shot of the field with number 6 cut into it.Such a great day!


tamara said...

Love it! So cool that you were able to experience it together! I LOVE baseball, so I totally get your passion!!!

Louise said...

How fun!!! Laurie and our Dad had fun too! It's going to be so weird without Bobby!!!