The South

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I became "that" mom today.

Last night, we got a note home in Reese's folder that said that Reese had been acting ugly during nap time and that his teacher had asked him to be quiet several times etc. It then said he had to move his clip to yellow.
It also said that he seemed happy about it and was showing his friends!!!!
I talked with him a little last night and he was disciplined for acting that way. Brent wrote on the note (that we had to sign and send back) to call us if needed and we would come up there.

Well, today Melany let us know that Reese was not being any better. So, I asked my boss if I could leave and she said sure! She told me I needed to go in the school like a kamikaze! I drove to the school and had him come out in the hallway. He looked like a deer in headlights. He almost looked like for a split second he was happy to see me, until he realized why I was there. I had a long discussion with him in the hallway. I asked him who decided how he would act. He said, "Mrs. H." I said, "No, who decides how Reese is going to act?" He said in a sad voice, "Me."
We talked some more and then I disciplined him.

I don't know if this will make a difference or not. I just remember how I felt as a child. I would have been mortified if my mom or dad drove up to the school and pulled me out of class. I am hoping this is just a phase and he grows out of it. Maybe he can become more like me. I got in trouble at school for day dreaming. At this point, I would take a day dreamer.


Louise said...

I was so hoping we would get the whole story in a blog!!! But I'm impressed and hope me and D will be the same way!!!

tamara said...

I feel your pain, honey... ain't nothin' easy about being a parent!!! And the older they get, the harder it gets!!! Hang in there!!

T. Brodie said...

I love the "disciplined" term! Hope it worked for him. Nap time was my problem in school too- I got in trouble for talking. But I don't think they ever caught me kissing!

Erika said...

It's so hard to teach them they are responsible for their own actions. I keep telling Peyton, no one can make you do anything. But he always has a reason why they can. I wish I could just open his head and pour the knowledge in.