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Monday, April 18, 2011


It is no secret to many of you that Reese is our typical strong willed child. I wish I knew how other children in his class acted on a daily basis. He has gotten several notes sent home over the past few weeks, or either his teacher has called Melany down to the classroom to handle a situation. None of the particular incidents were horrifying, except when he poured water all over his head when he went to use the bathroom during nap time. The rest of the incidents all revolved around hyper activity.

I am no doctor, but based on what Melany knows, we both don't think he is ADD or ADHD. He just has these outbursts of bad behavior every now and then. Melany had decided it must be food related or blood sugar related. The blood sugar thing is not that far fetched, seeing as my dad has diabetes and my sister is hypoglycemic. Melany has tested his blood sugar many times and each time it is in the normal range.

Mom got in on the act of researching what it could be. Melany mentioned a magnesium deficiency and mom sent me an article about it. After reading the symptoms, (only of a mild case of it) it fit Reese perfectly. So, I purchased this product:

After reading the ingredients and it included Natural Calm Magnesium, I thought I would give it a try. The flip side of it is, it is basically vitamins, and even if it didn't change anything, it wouldn't hurt him and would still be good for him.

His teacher has already noticed a difference in his behaviour. He quietly does his morning work. He goes right to sleep during nap time and doesn't flop around the whole time.

I am shocked!!!

I am not one that believes everything I read about how a certain plant extract, from a certain plant, grown only in the alps, will take away cellulite, but I am a believer in this product.

We will see how long this lasts.......

Now I am searching for a vitamin that will keep brothers from fighting with each other. :)
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tamara said...

I am so glad you shared this... I may have to give this a try with my David! I am very hesitant about involving the doctor as I don't want to give in to medication so early! I am glad that you can already tell a difference!

Rebecca said...

I bought it at Earth Fare and it was much more expensive than on Amazon. Next time I will shop around first!

carrie said...

It is amazing how something being a little bit off in our body can mess us up so much. I am glad this seems to be working. I hope it continues to work.

Scott said...

That is so interesting! Brooks is a typical boy too, but we aren't in school to find out behavior problems. He can't be still at the table and has to be touching, pushing, kicking constantly. Hhhmmmm... maybe you are on to something here. Our Brooks' diet is pretty pitiful, btw.

Erika said...

Wow, this is definitely worth looking into. Keep us posted1

Anonymous said...

I use Calm too. It helps my daughter go to the bathroom. Adults can take it too for leg cramps.