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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Do we limit God?

Yesterday we took Reese to his yearly eye doctor's appt in Birmingham. He has been going to a doctor up there since he was younger than 2. He turns his head awkwardly when he looks at things at a distance. I even have pictures of him doing this when he was real little.

Anyway, when we went to the doctor yesterday, we were expecting Reese to be getting a prescription for glasses. The doctor even mentioned that he would more than likely be getting them at this visit.
The doctor checked him all out and we still have no answers as to why he turns his head like he does. Reese even did this when he was trying to watch Tangled being played on a TV across the room. Reese has no explanation as to why he does it.
His vision isn't 20/20 but it is not bad. The doctor didn't feel like he needed glasses at this point. I was amazed! I had been already planning in my head how we would handle a 4 year old in glasses. The questions I had were endless. How many pair would he break? Would we fight to keep them on his head? Would they bother him? Would he get made fun of?

I just kept praying that this transition would go smoothly.

Today I got to thinking about all of this. All along I had been praying that God would help us through the glasses, not dreaming that the answer to my prayers would be "no glasses" right now.
Do we do this in other areas of our lives? Do we limit ourselves as to what God's answers to our prayers may be? Why do we pray to God asking for him to help us with a problem, rather than taking the problem away? God never promised a perfect answer to our prayers exactly like we ask it, but why do we limit God by not praying to him for what we really want?

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tamara said...

I think we look at God through human eyes, which works pretty well most of the time. But by doing so, we forget His magnificence. I am so glad, however, that He gave you a magnificent answer of no glasses today! Hey ~ maybe NEVER. Only God knows!

Erika said...

Ok, my comment is to long, so I'm going to write a quick post. :)

Louise said...

Yay for no glasses!!! And yes, I do unfortunately limit God!!! Something else to work on!!! :)