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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Great Big Christmas Post!

The Hatcher household had a wonderful Christmas season. We got to visit with Elaine, Aunt Marsha, and the loveable little Nolan!Couldn't you just eat him up?
He was enjoying his time with his grandmother!

We had School Christmas parties that were loads of fun!
Reese was so proud of his craft!
He was also elated that they played Christmas bingo and he won two of the four times. He had to shout out, "Ho, Ho, Ho." So cute!We got to spend time with our extended family! So many cousins! This is Aiden opening his new laser gun from us. (Sorry Julie and Phil =) )Lillie was already eyeing the smocked dress that came with the new doll she got from my mom.Christmas eve came quickly this year. Since we had asked Santa to come a night early, we were all ready and snug in our beds on Friday evening.

The boys were raring to go on Saturday morning. I always make them come in my room first. It is probably a form of torture.....but they sure are excied.
Peeking at their gifts!
As they were opening gifts, Reese went over behind the tree because he didn't want us to see what Santa had brought him.
Here is Reese playing with his "new to him" DS. Not to forget Brent decked out in his Georgia attire.

Super hero Reese putting his Legos together.

I wish this picture was clearer, but this is Brooks opening his Skylanders set that he really wanted. The picture is priceless!

Sunday we got together with my family. It is still a lot of fun to open presents in the den that I grew up in. I opened presents in that room from Santa for 21 years!

This picture has a story. Brent and Christina share a trait that they create static in their daily lives. Christina gave Brent a can of Static Guard and some money. So clever!
We got together with Brent's family Monday night and I am just now realizing that I didn't take any pictures. We had good food, and good fellowship with everyone. We don't get to spend much time with Brent's brother's family so it always seems to come and go to quickly.

As I am sure all of you are, I feel exhausted, and I haven't even taken any of my Christmas gear down yet....ugh!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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Louise said...

I love all the faces!!!! Precious pictures!!!
(I haven't taken any decorations down yet either....I'm dreading it.)