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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bathroom Adventures

If children's bathroom mishaps are not something that you can handle, then stop reading now. Just warning you. I have to write this down, and since this blog has been sort of a journal over the years, this story is getting included too. Again, you have been warned.

I have a strong stomach. I don't know how that happened, but it has been a life saver when it comes to my kids mishaps and sicknesses along the way. Don't get me wrong, I still think things are nasty sometimes, but those things don't make me physically ill.

Well, then my children have come along and inherited a weak stomach from someone. It is ridiculous!! Here is a story for you, but to keep any weak stomached people from tossing their cookies, I am going to change certain bathroom words, for more reader friendly terms.

Reese came in the kitchen last night and told me that he had just gotten sick in the potty. I asked him if he was sick, and he said no. I asked him if he had been coughing and threw up, (which happens often) but he said no to that too. We went in the bathroom to inspect the damage, which was all contained to the potty. I kept questioning him and was getting nowhere. I asked him to just tell me what happened. He said he went to use the bathroom and when he was done he saw the...... (we will call it flowers) in the potty and it made him sick.
Really? You're own "flowers" make you sick?

Fast forward to bath time. He was taking his clothes off and told me that their might be some "flowers" in his underwear. He handed them to me, and there was just a little "flowers." I began to wash the "flowers" out of his clothes, and he began heaving! He finally ran over to the toilet and became ill again. At this point I realize it is all from the thought of "flowers." I started saying things like, "REESE, STOP THINKING ABOUT IT AND THINK ABOUT LOLLY POPS AND SMURFS."

Whose kids are these anyways? Ridiculous!

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tamara blair said...

I think Reese may be my child. I am so weak stomached that I don't rinse the flowers out of my kids' undies anymore... I throw them away. ;)

Louise said...

This cracks me up!!! I love that you called them flowers and oh my word, I can't believe that made him sick, AND I love that you told him to think about smurfs and lolly pops!! :) You crack me up!!!

Dianne said...

Sounds like he got a double dose of your Dad's stomach.

Erika said...

That is too funny. I have a friend, and not Tamara, that is the same way. You can't even mention throwing up to her and she starts heaving. Heaven forbid she has to use a Porta Potty.

T. Brodie said...

I couldn't stop laughing! We have yet to experience this, and I hope we never will! Who's says that flowers don't stink?!