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Monday, March 10, 2008

Reese is sick. Have I posted this before?

I feel like a broken record by even typing that title. Reese is coughing badly again, so my dear sweet mother-in-law took him to see the doctor today. Dr. T was not there today, so we saw Dr. M. (I like all of them so it wasn't a problem.) So, Dr. M said that this could be one of three things.

1. It could be RSV still. He said that there are a handful of children at their practice that just cannot get well. ...(Sigh!)

2. It could be RSV that has turned in to asthma. ...(What?!)

3. Or, it could be the early stages of allergies. ...(I give up!)

How about I choose 4, none of the above. I mean none of these sound fun. I think between asthma and allergies, I would choose asthma, because he could at least grow out of that one. I guess I am hoping that it is still just RSV, but that feels weird to be hoping that this is what it is. Anyway, we have three medications, (antibiotic, steriod, and a mild narcotic (for sleep)). So is this my life now?
We are supposed to finish the medication, and if he is not better then we are to go back to the doctor. Dr. M said that we would have to see Dr. T that time because Dr. M would only want Dr. T to diagnose him with something such as asthma etc. I wonder why that is?

I looked at our medical claims report today online, and it was just funny today that it was just Reese's name that I saw over and over. I really thing Brooks is my Superman. He has been so healthy! I guess we just haven't found his kryptonite yet, and I am thankful!
In the midst of it all, Reese still found the time to find a hat to put on. He loves hats!


Kristin said...

So sorry. Elijah had mild asthma from about 18 months. He outgrew it during the past year. He's been on no nebulizer treatments,singulair, or flovent this winter and has had no wheezing. This is Ella's time, though, as we are medicating her 7th ear infection of the season.Hope Reese feels better soon!

Melissa Lester said...

What a cutie. I hope you get the best results for Reese.

tamara said...

I understand your frustration! David has struggled with allergy symptoms his entire life. But there are so many daily medications to try that I know they will find something to keep him well. Just keep your faith (and patience, if you have any left!).

Three plus Me said...

What is it with the second child sickness?! I understand your agrivation. Let me know if you need anything.

Michelle said...

I'm right there with you on this one. Bo has croup again, this makes 2 times in 3 weeks. Hope Reese is better soon!

Kristi said...

Yep, Kate did the same thing. We ended up doing the nebulizer with her, and she hasn't needed it but once this winter. She has definitely outgrown her asthma. Bless your heart! It is just SO frustrating when they are sick!

Leah said...

Bless him!

carrie said...

None of the options are great. Poor thing. I hope he gets better soon. Todd has bad allergies. They are not fun! Keeping you and your baby in our prayers!

sweeter and the bubbas said...

I'm so sorry~~ I have several friends whose kids just can't get well this season. Hopefully
Spring will be MUCH better for sweet little Reese! :-)