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Monday, July 5, 2010

On our way....

Brent's parents graciously kept the boys for Brent and I on Thursday and then we met them in Atlanta on Friday for lunch, (prior to our get together with the entire family to celebrate Brent's grandad's 80th birthday!)
We took that opportunity to go on a tour of Turner Field. As big of a Braves fan that Brent is, he (nor I) had ever taken a tour of the stadium. It was wonderful!

It started in the Braves museum. We had been in there a long time ago, so many of the things we saw seemed new again.

Dale Murphy's jersey.

Bobby Cox's jersey. It is his las year as manager of the Braves and Brent and I are excited because we have tickets to the game where they are going to pay tribute to him.

The tour took us to the upper deck. It was kind of neat to see the stadium empty.

Brent sitting in the huge Coke bottle chairs.

I included this picture because the white columns are left over from the 1996 olympics that took place in this stadium. They built the stadium for the olympics and as soon as it was over they reworked the stadium so that it would work for a baseball field. Pretty amazing how quickly it all happened.

The blue wall out in the parking lot was the former outfield wall of Fulton County stadium. The white circle in the middle of the picture was where Hank Aaron hit his record breaking 715th homerun over the wall. I like how they have tried to preserve some of the history even though that stadium has been torn down.

This was the inside of one of the smaller suites. It was still really nice.

This was a picture taken from inside the press box.This was our tour guide, Rick, talking to Brent in the press box.

Another picture of the media area.

Apparently, when the Braves are at an away game, if you go on the tour, you are allowed to go inside the clubhouse. The Braves weren't playing on the day we went but they were still in town so we couldn't go in.

This is the Suntrust seats that Brent is sitting in. Some of these seats are closer to the hitter than the pitcher is.

On the field!

Obviously, this is sitting in the Braves dugout. Pretty neat!

I bet you can figure out that this is me in the dugout.

At the end of the tour, Brent by Dale Murphy's number.

I recommend this tour to any fan of baseball!


T. Brodie said...

We did that a few years ago and loved it! We got to go in the locker room, and that was pretty neat. Did Brent touch the grass? Chris got too close and I thought security was going to jump him! Glad you all had fun.

Kristi said...

Very cool! My Dad would really like to do something like that...

Emmy said...

That would be an awesome tour. How do you go about arranging one? I know 2 guys who would love it! Email on fb with some info - would be a nice surprise!