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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Brent and I like to watch movies on Friday nights. We often start off watching a movie, and pretty quickly into it we start asking each other questions like:

“What other movie was he in?”

“Wasn’t she the girl from so and so movie?”

We often find ourselves on our phone looking at the website to answer our questions. Many times we will look up an actor, which leads to another actor, and so on. You could spend hours on that website.

Recently I looked up something that led me to Forrest Gump. I began reading the trivia from that movie and then the goofs from that movie as well. I guess this website thinks we are all a bunch of “goodins” because here is what I read for one of the goofs from the movie:

Revealing mistakes: In the montage of Forrest's and Lt. Dan's first successful shrimp catch after the hurricane where they are emptying their full shrimp nets onto the deck of the boat, the shrimp nets are full of headless shrimp.

If the writers had just left it at that, it would be fine, but oh no…..

Shrimp caught in nets are complete animals, and they are processed on the boat after they are dumped, at which time their heads are removed. Shrimp boats do not catch pre-processed shrimp from the waters of the gulf.


I mean REALLY?

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tamara said...

Our favorite question around here is, "What year was that?" And then my answer is ALWAYS, "I'm googling it.." In other words, we do the same thing!

Erika said...

Huh? I always thought shrimp were caught deveined, deshelled and a pretty pink color. The things you learn!