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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I'm behind

You may have all already heard about this but I just heard about it yesterday. There is a ringtone that you can purchase for your cellphone that only young people can hear. Before you start laughing and thinking that I have lost my mind, let me explain. This ringtone is a high pitched ringing sound. I did some reading about it on the internet and saw that the older a person gets, the less they can hear really high pitched sounds. Kids are purchasing this ringtone so that they can leave their phone on while in school and get texts etc, and the teacher can't hear it, (usually). A girl at my work had it on her phone and 5 of us could hear it and 2 could not. My boss and good friend Deirdre couldn't hear it until she got it right in her ear. I laughed when she realized that she couldn't hear it like we all could. I wasn't laughing at her, just at the face she made, because she was the one who started all of the talk about it. It was priceless. (I love you Deirdre:) )

Having said all that, see if you can hear it. This is the easiest website to use, that I have found, to hear it.
Try to see if you can hear it without turning your speakers way up. I think everyone can hear it if you turn them up loud enough. Ringtone 2 is easier to hear. I am anxious to see if you can hear it mom! (Love you mom! :)


carrie said...

I could hear it some, but not a distinct sound until I moved it closer. I would never hear it in a purse, though. It hurt my ears. It is a scary thought that kids could have this and hide it from parents, too. Thanks phone companies for allowing kids to sneak behind parents and teachers backs even easier! I am a teacher,but luckly it is children under 7!

Gammie said...

I am so old!!! I could hear nothing on #2 and a very faint noise about halfway through on #1. I am going to blame it on my cold and stopped up head and try again later when my left ear unstops. I know it is stopped up because my IPod sounds funny. Maybe I am not soooo old if I have an Ipod! And yes you are behind because I heard about this a good while back! :)

Leah said...

I could hear them both, but only with my computer turned up to the max! I agree with Carrie...what is our world coming to? It's scary!

Deirdre said...

O.K. I know this sounds like I'm lying and trying to be all hip and cool, but I heard BOTH of the rings. Granted my speakers were turned all the way up and I could barely hear it and it may have been the refrigerator running in the other room, but I definately heard something. :) BTW, I'm still laughing about Monday at work too.

Erika said...

I heard them both, but I don't think anyone could in a purse. I guess the kids keep them in their pockets? We might as well hand the world to the kids on a silver platter. How much more can we help them get away with?