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Monday, February 21, 2011

Our Trip to Savannah

Brent and I decided than instead of letting our frequent flyer miles expire, (from our Indonesia trip,) we would take a trip. We decided on Savannah which is where we honeymooned almost 12 years ago. We loved the city and couldn't wait to go back. This time we were going to stay in the historic district and take in the sights and a tour or two.

While we were waiting on our flight, we were informed that our plane was having some maintenence issues, which eventually turned into our flight getting cancelled. Luckily the airline tranferred us to another airline, and we only had to wait a couple of more hours. Because of our long layover that was supposed to take place in Atlanta, we actually got to Savannah about the same time. That is not without mentioning that we were almost "those people" that are seen running through the airport in Charlotte, NC to catch our next flight. Anyway...
We noticed this plane at the Montgomery airport before we left. It looks just like Air Force One, and even said "United States of America" on it. Interesting!!!When we arrived in Savannah we took a taxi to the hotel and decided to walk down to River Street and grab a quick bite for the evening and then went back to the hotel.
On Thursday we got to The Lady and Son's restaurant at about 9:45 to get our name on the list for lunch. Since we got there so early, we had no trouble getting a table for lunch time. Here is a picture of the outside of her gift shop. Above the gift shop there were numerous windows like this. I just loved all of the flower boxes!
The food was soooo good. We both opted for the buffet, and were not disappointed. It was definately an experience I would recommend to everyone.
More on the rest of the trip to come.......

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Louise said...

On the way home last night, I thought,"I can't believe I forgot to ask her if they went to the L&S!"
I'm so jealous!!! I know it was delicious!! :) Glad you could come last night!!! :)

margie said...

Glad you all got to go. I would love to go to the Lady and Sons! Can't wait to hear more about your trip. Savannah is such a historic city (much like Charleston).

Emily said...

What a fun trip!! I bet the weather is lovely too! Can't wait to see more pics!!