The South

Where tea is sweet and accents are sweeter; summer starts in April; front porches are wide and words are long; macaroni and cheese is a vegetable; pecan pie is a staple; Y’all is the only proper pronoun; chicken is fried and biscuits come with gravy; everything is darling and someone is always getting their heart blessed. -unknown

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Reese beats up Brooks

Brooks came in the den crying last night. That is very unusual for him because he seems to have a really high pain tolerance. He just doesn't cry that often. So I knew immediately something was wrong! He proceeded to tell me how Reese had hit him over the head with this wooden dowel thing that came out of one of his shelves. I spanked Reese and told him to tell Brooks he was sorry. I said, "Reese say sorry Brooks." I think I said this 20 times before finally I got a "Brooks.......Srree." I made Reese hug Brooks. My whole point to this is, What is up with the 16 month old beating up the 4 year old.

How did this happen?
Are they on equal footing now with each other?
Am I going to have to let Brooks hit Reese back so he will know what it feels like?
Is a 16 month old capable of comprehending what all is going on?
Is there any hope?


Erika said...

Whenever Shey hits Peyton, I generaly figure he deserved it, or at the very least it is getting him back for all the times Peyton ganged up on him. It's hard to know where to draw the line with "boys will be boys" and really hurting each other.

Leah said...

And so it begins...boys! They're so much fun!