The South

Where tea is sweet and accents are sweeter; summer starts in April; front porches are wide and words are long; macaroni and cheese is a vegetable; pecan pie is a staple; Y’all is the only proper pronoun; chicken is fried and biscuits come with gravy; everything is darling and someone is always getting their heart blessed. -unknown

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Reese's first post.

Well let’s see, I have been tagged by Ella to write my first post. So here goes…

My name is Reese. I am a few days shy of 17 months. This is very exciting for me because mommy always makes me get away from the computer. Doesn’t she know I just want to push the keys! So here are 8 things about me.

1. My name is Samuel Reese. I was named after my Great-Granddad on my Daddy’s side, and my Great Great Granddad on my Mommy’s side. My daddy’s granddad Mr. Sam Eads is still alive, and I love every chance I have to see him. The funny thing is, both of their names were just Sam, but Mommy and Daddy chose the name Samuel for me.
2. I am already just as athletic as my big brother Brooks. (That doesn’t say much for Brooks HEHE!) Santa brought me a lot of balls and even a Little Tykes Basketball goal. I love it! I even have figured out how to jump and get both of my feet off the floor at the same time.
3. Besides the balls, I don’t really like playing with anything else. I’d rather just walk around and get into Mommy and Daddy’s things. I especially like Mommy’s china cabinet.
4. I am supposedly hard headed. I have hit my head on more things than anyone can count. I always have a bruise on my head.
5. I don’t like riding in the car for a long time. After awhile, I torture my Mommy by continually saying “stuck” until she makes me hush.
6. I have learned that my mommy likes to take pictures. One time she told me to say “hamburger” instead of “cheese”. So now, I think it is funny to say “hamburger” any time I see her with the camera.
7. I am not going to list anything beside this number because I don’t know this number. When I count to 10, I skip this so-called number.
8. And finally, since I don’t like to take naps as well as Brooks, it is time for me to go to bed.

This was fun! Maybe mommy will let me try this again one day.


Kristi said...

Very funny!

Leah said...

too cute! He's such a doll!