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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Doctor's Visit Times TWO!

Well we went back to the doctor today with Reese. He had a rash on his nose that, as of today, has been there a week. I researched it online, and thought I knew what it was, and Dr. T confirmed that it is Impetigo. He said that it is a bacteria that can get into the slightest break in the skin, and it just causes an infection in that spot. On top of that, he has a cold too. (runny nose, coughing, sneezing, etc.) They did a flu test on him and it came back negative, so thank goodness for the small things. For the rash, we have one topical and one oral antibiotic to clear it up. We debated on whether to still go to the eye doc tomorrow, but after talking with my mother-in-law (nurse) we feel like he is not contagious anymore and he is ok. In fact, after all of this, he hasn't slowed down one bit. (still running, screaming, torturing his older brother, etc.)

It seems as if all of my friends have sick children right now, or just got over some kind of illness. Does it seem like this winter has been unusually bad for sickness?

I have to share my two "funnies" that the boys have said in the last few days.
1. Sunday night after church we were talking about what we were going to eat for supper. Brooks said, "Mommy can we go somewhere to eat that has food?" My response was, "Whenever we go somewhere to eat, there is always food there." (I know that he just wanted to go somewhere OUT to eat.)
2. Today when I was dropping off Reese's prescriptions at the drive up window of the pharmacy, the boys were unusually quiet. As we pulled away Reese said "I un fy......I un fys.....Mommy, I un fys." This took me a second and then I realized he thought we were at a drive through and he was saying "I want fries."


carrie said...

Todd has been sick more this year than he has ever been. I thought it was because he started school full time but maybe it is just this year! I am glad he did not have the flu. That is going around here. Our school has shut down for 2 days due to illness. I hope the Dr visit goes well tomorrow!

Three plus Me said...

You are right, things do seem worse this year. Maybe it's because it's happening to our children. Good luck tomorrow!

Melissa Lester said...

I love your fries story! Unfortunately, Emma thinks any paper bag must have fries in it. I wonder why that would be? This year has been bad for illnesses. Spring will be a welcome relief! I hope your doctor's visit goes well!

Michelle said...

The unusual amount of illnesses is down our way as well. The doctor's office is always super-filled. I took Bo for a re-check of the ears and ran into my youth minister...he had 4 of his 6 children there in the sick waiting room!

Kristi said...

I remember that last year was bad for illness, too, but the flu in particular seems to be worse this year. I agree with Melissa - spring will be a welcome sight for more than just more pleasant weather!

Leah said...

Glad he's ok...the fries story is too funny!