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Thursday, August 21, 2008

If you sprinkle when you.....

If you can finish that rhyme then you know what this post is about. (And surprisingly, it involves both children.)

I started "full-fledged" potty training Reese yesterday. Since I had to work from home yesterday and today, I thought this would be a good time to start. Sure, we have done some work on this up until now, but I have gotten serious about it now. So, following my pediatrician's advise, I started right in with the big kid underwear. After two successful trips to the potty, and then two times of finding Reese with wet underwear, I decided to do the "bare-bottom" approach and let him just go with nothing. He again went to the potty. I am getting excited! Then I hear, "Mommy, I tee-teed on the floor!" Reese comes and gets me and shows me where he did it. This happened two more times.

** If he can say, "mommy, I tee-teed on the floor, and come get me, couldn't he just go do it in the potty? Apparently children don't work that way.

So, do I put the big kid underwear on him, which he will wet and just walk in wet underwear, or do I go bare bottom and let him tee-tee on the floor? Is there are "good" way to go about this? How did we potty train Brooks? Have I already lost that many brain cells?

Speaking of Brooks, he is still loving school. He loves music class and center time. I have to pries out of him each day what he did, but I finally learned that if I ask him specific questions, that will bring about the answers I am looking for. Example: What did you glue today?
But back to the pottying situation. Brooks has had a problem with going to the bathroom too often at school. It apparently started this week. At first we thought it could be a UTI or bladder infection. So, we go get his tee-tee tested and that is not it. Then, I think it is just him testing his freedom at school, and he really can hold it. So, I told Mrs. K to just make him hold it for a little while and see what happens. After a crying session, and wetting of the clothes, I can strike the "freedom at school idea" off my list.
After looking on the internet, I think he has "Extraordinary Daytime Urinary Frequency Syndrome." After you and I have stopped laughing at this term, I have found that yes, it is a real term, and yes it is a real condition. Let see the symptoms:
1. Your child suddenly starts urinating every 10 to 30 minutes and as often as 30 to 40 times a day. Check!
2. Your child passes small amounts of urine each time. Check!
3. Your child does not drink excessive amounts of fluids. Check!
4. Your child has been toilet trained. Check!
5. The urinary frequency is not a problem during sleep. Check!
6. The urinary frequency may begin within 1 or 2 days of a stressful event or change in the child's routine. I think Kindergarten counts-Check!
So after reading up on this, I am positive that is what he has. It should go away in a few weeks. The problem I now have is that everything you read on it says to reassure your child and try to help him with the stressful situation. I have questioned and questioned him about things at school.
"Do you like your school, do you like your friends, do you like your book bag, are you scared about something, are you nervous, etc."
Apparently Brooks is just excited. How am I supposed to help him with excitement? If it was a discipline problem, then I would know what approach to use. I guess I could point out the negatives to him.
"You are going to be in school for 12 more years after this one. You are going to hate homework. You will have to study Spanish at some point. You will be put in 10th grade English instead of advanced English because you just missed making the cut." Wait that was me, never mind.
I am kidding. I would never try to bring down his excitement. Hopefully Mrs. K can live through the 50 bathroom trips for a few more weeks.

I will probably be dreaming about pottys tonight.


carrie said...

I am still traumatized by 10th grade English, too. Perhaps we should get counseling for that! I hope things calm down in the potty department for you soon!

Elizabeth Johnston said...

You are so funny! I needed a good laugh! You know what?? I think Mary Elizabeth has the same "condition." She just started a mommy day out on Tues. and her teacher asked me if she went to the bathroom a lot during the day. I'm glad you were able to find that info. because it has sure helped me out! Everything on that list describes her. Anyway, good luck with Reese!!

Leah said...

This is a great post!! I hope you find those brain cells, and when you do look and see if mine are there too!! :) Seriously, my boys were very different when it came to PT...good luck!! I haven't found a sure fire way yet!! Here's hoping 3 will be the charm.

Three plus Me said...

Good luck with Reese! Who knows what will work for each child, they are so different? Poor Brooks! Hopefully it will get better in a few weeks!

Kristin said...

Honestly girls, you need to let go of the advanced English issues. As much as I adored our wonderful teacher, it really wasn't at all advanced. I struggled with paper writing in all my college literature courses. Freshman year is when I learned to write a decent paper. One person made a 98 on a paper she never even wrote. I promise you didn't miss anything...

Hopefully Brooks will settle down. At least you can be sure he is enjoying himself. It was so difficult when I'd leave Elijah crying last week - he's doing great now and loves it. That is a blessing I know you and I are both grateful for - they are happy at school!

T. Brodie said...

Good luck with all that! I can't say much, considering my lack of experience in that area... Let us know what works!

Melissa Lester said...

You are so funny. This post reminds me of the way I think about things with the children. I'm just guessing Brett has not invested as much energy into analyzing these issues. Emma just potty trained this week, and with her bubble gum was the currency that worked. She LOVES gum, so I made a bubblegum machine chart for her, and she got to put a little round sticker on it each time she sat on the potty. And if she went potty, she got to choose a gumball. This worked wonderfully for her, and she is completely potty trained now and goes when she needs to without prompting from me. She is 2 1/2 now, though, so she is older than Reese and was really ready. I tried earlier in the summer and she wasn't. But now she's a big girl in "Cindelala" panties, and I'm so happy!

Melissa Lester said...

I mean Brent. So sorry for the typo!

Melissa Lester said...

But I guess I stand by my earlier statement that Brett hasn't thought about your boys' potty issues. Because I don't even know who that is, but I'm sure he's not worried about it.

tamara said...

I think we were all terrorized by high school in general, and that's about all I can say about that!!! As for the potty training - GOOD LUCK!!!!! The best part about it is that when the light bulb goes off and he gets it, it will all be over with and you won't have to fool with the diapers anymore. And I am sure Brooks will be just fine. It sounds like a little case of anxious nervousness (if that phrase makes any sense at all).

Louise said...

Of course all this would happen while Brent was gone!! :) Hope you get it all worked out!! I'm with help on this subject!!

Erika said...

The funny thing is, "Advanced Placement" (and yes the quotes are purposeful) was SO much easier than Mrs. Wynn's class! (Oh, I see Kristin already let you in on that.) And yes, I didn't learn to write a decent paper to English 101 as well. as far as potty training goes, Thank God for preschool!