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Friday, August 15, 2008

Wonderful Trip

We took Reese to the eye doctor in Birmingham on Wednesday. This was just a follow up to a previous appointment.

Side note: Reese was sooooooo goooooood! I wanted to just brag on him to everyone there. He is generally not in good spirits at any doctor’s visit, but he could not have been any better.

The doctor got to witness Reese’s head turning when he looks at things far away. All of this was due to the fact that they had a Disney movie playing on the TV across the room. The doctor said that normally when a child does this, their eyes are shaking, and the child will turn his head, like Reese does, to make the eyes stop shaking. (This would have to be corrected with surgery.) He did not see any shaking in Reese’s eyes. He said he couldn’t give us any better explanation other than “he is just doing this.” He will re-check him at a later date, but as of now all is well. This is such good news!

And the entire trip put our lives into perspective. The doctor’s office is located in the ambulatory part of Children’s Hospital. You have to go through the main lobby of the hospital to get to where we needed to be. They were having a magic show for the children when we got there. There were children in wheelchairs, some hooked up to IVs, some with bandages, and even some that looked perfectly healthy, knowing there was something going on inside of them. Any of you who know me know that I am a very emotional person. Just typing these words out made me think of the little angelic faces I saw. I CANNOT IMAGINE WHAT THESE CHILDREN AND PARENTS ARE GOING THROUGH! Despite all of the sickness and injuries, I saw one other thing that must be pointed out….SMILES. The children were laughing and having a wonderful time. It was such a lesson to me in what is important.
So go hug your children, your spouse, and/or any other person that is important to you. Say a prayer with them tonight and thank God for their health. Or do as I just did, go dance with your children to the last song in Monsters Inc.


Lara said...

Great post, glad to hear about the good news! I also loved the poem you listed on the other post the other day!!

Leah said...

Great news, great post!!

carrie said...

What great news! Seeing children suffer and the parents watching helplessly will change our prospectives quickly!

Three plus Me said...

Glad his appointment went well! You are right about the blessings we have in our health!