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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wondering Wednesday

One thing I love about blogging is having a wealth of fellow bloggers, who are so easy to contact. Each day I find myself reading what others are doing, or what they have found that is interesting, or things that they are going through. It has really become a "family" to me.

Wow that got too deep for the next part of this post! With that being said, I need some input.

I am not happy with my shampoo, nor have I been happy with the past 5 bottles of various kinds. Usually I buy a different brand/type/scent each time I go. Maybe I am just getting older and my hair is going to continue to get more and more oily the older I get. (I had always heard that everything starts to go downhill once you turn 30-maybe this is just all part of it.) So, with all that being said, do any of you fellow bloggers have a shampoo that you love? Can you recommend one to try?


Kristi said...

Girl - I love these questions! I have oily hair too. I LOVE Nexus Diametress. It is volumizing and I can really tell a difference when I use it. Because it is pricey (not too bad at Walmart) I use Scott's on days that I'm not working or at church. I'm sure I am on the 5th or 6th bottle by now, and that is a record for me.

Louise said...

I'm not much help in this area as my hair is extremely dry. But I love my Finesse! :)

Mandy said...

I love Aveda products. Try the Scalp Benefits for oily hair.

Kristi said...

Scott writes that Kristi also tries any product that is marketed with the term "NEW", or has a diff. shaped design. Now I know where my shampoo is going. thx