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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Endearment at the Planetarium

Brooks' class at the Planetarium.

Brooks and his friend.

His class leaving the Planetarium.

Brooks curiosity of the sky, after visiting the Planetarium.
(Notice the pajamas, and the little brother trying to sneak in a little time riding a toy.)

This was Brooks' and my whispering conversation at the Planetarium today:

Me: What is that?
B: A shooting star. Mom, have you ever seen a shooting star?
Me: Yes, just one time.
B: Did you make a wish?
Me: Yes.
B: What did you wish for?
Me: For God to bless me.
B: Did your wish come true?
Me: Well he gave me your daddy, and you and Reese, didn't he?
B: (giggling to himself)
B: Mommy, I love you!

So, if I didn't learn anything else today,
like how many million miles the planets are from the sun,
or why the constellation Cassiopeia is close to the constellation Pegasus.....
......I shared a moment with my son.
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Brenda Jean said...

Awwww that is awesome:) What a great kid moment. I'm visiting late from BATW because I'm catching up.

tamara said...

Oh, I love the planetarium!! And I love those little unexpected moments with my kids as well.

Heidi said...

Cute...& sweet

Lily is begging me to take her now since she got her new Fancy Nancy book from Scholastic order called "Fancy Nancy Sees Stars". It is all about the constellations and going to the planetarium. I don't know if you can go alone or have to wait to go with you school or what. She is still so young.

Anonymous said...

I am telling you a little boy will absolutely change your life and your heart!

Erika said...

That's so sweet!

Leah said...

That is one precious moment!!