The South

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Interest

A while back, Teale and one of her friends started a new blog called Chicks with Cents. I have enjoyed reading the tips and tricks on how to save money. She also has links to other blogs on couponing which has given me hours of things to look at.

I am not up to the level that most people are, that are into couponing, but I had my first great transaction yesterday at Publix. I spent $23.75 and saved $27.84! Ranch dressing for 50 cents? French Onion dip for 50 cents? Yes, I believe I will take those.

I am on my way now! Watch out world :)

Each week, I can't wait to see what items are on sale at Publix, and then see what coupons come out in the Sunday paper. Brent asked me if it was like a game to me, and I said yes! But on second thought, it isn't so much like a game as it is an adventure.

Next thing you know, I may be canning my own vegetables.....Deirdre?

I know, I am a dork, but I don't care.


Teale said...

Oh lookout... it's addictive and so much fun! You'll be amazed at how quickly the savings add up!

The Adventures of Baby Bond said...

I have been doing this for a few weeks now and I am loving the "game". Last week I went to Publix and spent $32 and saved $49!
I would have spent less if Justin didn't come along and sneak non-coupon/sale items into the buggy :)

tamara said...

Thanks for sharing with us! I have been interested in getting into this coupon stuff... I think we all could be helped by saving a little every time we shop! I will have to add this one to my faves.