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Monday, July 20, 2009

School Supplies

My sister and I used to love to go school supply shopping. We would get our list and get to pick the things that we wanted. Each year that went by was less and less exciting, because for some reason picking out a notebook at age 15 doesn't hold the same fascination as picking out a folder when you are 6.
That being said, I took Brooks yesterday to pick out his school supplies. He doesn't need a new backpack, he is going to use the same one as last year. Because of that, I did let him pick out a new lunch box. He doesn't have to know that the real reason is because I didn't like how the Bumblebee Transformer one from last year opened. (Don't tell him.)
He studied all of the lunch boxes, picking up several, and then put them back. He decided on a Disney Cars one. I reminded him that his back-pack is Cars as well, so he could have them both be the same or have something different from his back-pack. He studied and thought some more. He finally picks.....drum roll please..... a blue lunch sack. Just blue. Nothing on it. I said are you sure and he assured me he was.
So we get the other things on his list...
zippered pencil case...check
In some ways it was kind of sad. No cartoon character folder to pick out, since it wasn't on the list. No action figure notebook....again, not on the list. Everything on the list was straight forward, no real items to get to "choose" from. We left with, among other things, blue handled scissors, some crayons, and a BLUE lunch sack.
Tonight I go to the uniform consignment sale to get some school uniforms. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE THAT THEY WEAR UNIFORMS. It is so easy in the mornings and in my opinion Brooks looks cute in his. But my question is .....

"What happened to individuality?"


carrie said...

I feel the same way. We do not have uniforms but Todd did not get to choose much either. I mean, which color Kleenex box is just not that exciting!

Leah said...

As I read this, I thought back to my school supply shopping days and it was fun! Now everything is laid out for them completely and you're right, it's just not that fun anymore! Our kids may never know the joy of picking out a trapper keeper!! :)

Melissa Lester said...

We haven't gotten our school supply lists yet, so that fun is still to come. I enjoyed choosing school supplies as a child, but it seems a little more difficult now having several children to buy for. It seems I get stuck on those aisles forever not being able to find some of the items on the list. But I did feel a tinge of excitement seeing the supplies last time I was out.

Erika said...

We can actually pre-order the supplies from a company and they are in the lunchroom the first day of school. It makes things so much easier than hunting for the exact items the school is looking for.