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Monday, April 12, 2010

Our first Baseball Injury

We now have had our first baseball injury. Brooks was hit in the head tonight by a bat at the game, during our warm up time. At least it was during the other child's backswing, and not a full force swing. The goose-egg immediately popped out! (these pics don't do it justice)

I felt so bad for Brooks! One of our coaches immediately put ice on it, and another child's mom checked him out (nurse) to make sure he was ok. He teared up just a little, but didn't cry. I felt just as bad for the child that hit him. He was bawling! Let's hope this is all that happens this year!

P.S. We lost the game. Such a bad night.


Sylvia said...

I can't hardly stand to look at it! He got popped hard! Get ready for the black eyes.

tamara said...

YIKES!!!!! And you are right - somehow that injury is worth it if the game is won!! By the way, he does look so much older with his new cut!

carrie said...

Poor thing. He deserved a win after that!

Three plus Me said...

Poor Brooks! He's such a brave boy! Hope it heals soon and well!

Erika said...

Poor little guy! My stomach always clenches when kids walk behind other kids at bat! You never know when they are going to swing. One time we were at a hockey game and they had stuff out front for the kids to do. Peyton hit another kid with the backswing of a hockey stick. I tried to apologize to the mom, but she gave me the stink eye and took her kid away.

Louise said...

But he got a hit that night so it wasn't a total loss!!! :) glad it's getting better!!